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More Recurring Revenue - Better Customer Retention


A Turn-Key White Label CRM Solution
you can start selling today


per month

Billed monthly - Cancel anytime - $299 setup fee

  • Your Logo "Powered by AllClients"
  • Your customers pay AllClients published pricing
  • You earn 30% recurring commissions
  • We do all billing and support
  • Programmers are not needed
  • You get 1 license to use your logo-ed CRM for yourself
  • Marketing sign-up page with your branding

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A highly customizable White Label CRM Solution
you can truly make your own


per user per month

Billed monthly - Annual Agreement - $5500 build fee

  • Your Logo and URL (no references to "AllClients")
  • You set the pricing for your customers
  • You keep everything over $25 per user per month
  • You do billing and support
  • Programmers can build custom features & integrations
  • 1 license for you and 5 more for testing & demos
  • Use your own sales and marketing processes

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Common questions

Why a build fee? Isn't it already built?

Enterprise is not for everyone. We are looking for strong, long term partners who are willing invest time, effort and money to insure their success. We are investing in you with hard costs and actual human time starting on day 1.

Can I get a free trial?

White Label free trials are not practical because your product needs to be built first. However, you can get a free trial of the product at AllClients.com. This is the same product you will be selling to your customers.

Is the White Label product customizable?

Enterprise is highly customizable and up to the imagination of you and your programmers. In-A-Box is the exact same product you will find at AllClients.com. The only difference is that it will have your branding on it.

How long has AllClients been around?

AllClients started in 2004. We are celebrating 15 years in business this year. We have tens of thousand of users who count on us and our products every day.

How long does it take to build my product?

In-A-Box takes about 30 minutes and you can do it yourself. Enterprise takes a bit longer: 2-3 weeks and we build it for you.

How often do you pay out commissions?

In-A-Box commissions are paid monthly as long as the payment is at least $100.

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