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Should I build my own CRM?

I have had this conversation with many coaches and marketing content providers. They know they should provide the customer marketing tools for their clients but they hate to add an additional monthly expense to their offering, so many consider building it themselves.

Let’s examine this dilemma together.

Building your own CRM sounds pretty straight forward. CRM’s are easy to understand and everyone has used them before, so what could be so difficult? Besides, most of them out there suck, so this would be a good opportunity to build a great one....right? Well, yes, and no, and it depends.

If you were thinking of going down this road, here are the questions I ask you:

Do you WANT to build your own CRM?

Is this an undertaking you want to do? Would it be fun? Would it be profitable? Do you like spec-ing out products? Do you like product development cycles?

CAN you build your own CRM?

Do you have the talent on staff? Have you built a CRM before? Are all the resources available to you to build a CRM? Are you ready for a long term commitment in terms of updates, maintenance and support?

SHOULD you build your own CRM?

If building CRM’s is not your core business, is this a good use of your money, time and energy? Would this effort take you away from other money making activities? Can you wait for months, or years before your CRM is ready to sell?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, than you are a prime candidate and you should seriously consider building it yourself.

If you see from these questions that you should NOT embark on this journey, then you have a 2 other options:

1. Send your customers out shopping for a good CRM.

This is the easy path, but not the smartest. Telling your customer to go out into the Internet jungle and shop for tools is bad for your customer and bad for you. At best, your customer will experience frustration and confusion, at worst they will find one of your competitors already providing an integrated CRM, and well….you can say goodbye to that one.

Customers want a one-stop-shop, and since they already know you, like you and trust you, they would just as soon get everything from you.

2. Find a CRM you can embrace and go all in.

You might have guessed that I would come around to this option and this would be the one I recommend. Well, it’s not just because I happen to offer this solution - it also happens to be your best choice.

The AllClients White Label CRM offers you several advantages over what I have already covered:

  • Get to market now
  • Provide a complete solution to your clients
  • Provide a product that is easy, fast and stable and one that your customers will LOVE
  • Work with the company that invented the term and concept of a White Label CRM
  • Partner with a solid team supporting you and helping you succeed

You know you should be offering a complete solution for your clients. If building it yourself is an option, that’s great. If not, we should talk.

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