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Email : Send Autoresponder Emails to a Fulfillment House
Send autoresponder emails to someone other than the contact.

Video Transcript

I have an Email Autoresponder sequence here set up. This is set up for my new customer, and I will send them an email over a period of 15 days, but let's say we want to add a step where we're sending an email to not the customer, but to somebody outside. So for example, I want to send this new customer cookies. I want to send an email over to Betty's Bakery to tell them I have a new customer and that I'd like Betty to send over some cookies, so here's how I would do that. The first thing that I would do is I would add a step, and I'm going to say in seven days, and the template I'm going to use is Watch for a sweet package! All right, and I'm going to save that, so that's how I would normally set up an email, and that email of course is going to go to our customer, but now let's do a different type of step.

I'm going to add a step here for eight days, and the Email Template I'm going to pick is New Customer - Send the Cookies. Now instead of clicking Save right here, if I click Save, that email would go to the customer. I want that email to go somewhere else, so I'm going to click Advanced. Here it's telling me instead of the contact's email, send the email template to the following email address, so I'm going to put in, and I'm going to save that. And now you see here in step four, day eight, the New Customer - Send the Cookies email is going to go to Betty's Bakery, and we could click right here and see what that looks like, and here's the email template that I set up to my friends at Betty's Bakery. We just got a new customer. Send them a box of cookies. Here's our mailing address.

This is a tool that you're going to use to send to a fulfillment house to send flowers, send cookies, or send a gift or package or whatever to a customer, and this could also be used if you want to send an email to alert somebody. Let's say you wanted to send an email to your assistant and tell them to do something at a certain step, you can use this feature for that as well. One thing to note, when you're putting the email address in here, this person must be opted in to receive emails from you, or the system will not accept that email.

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