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Managing Your Contacts : Client To-Do's
How the to-do functions work.

Video Transcript

To-Dos and reminders make it easy to follow up with your customers and clients. To create a To-Do, bring up a Client Record and click on the To-Do list. Here are the To-Dos I've already set up for this client, but we want to add a new one. Click here, fill in the form, and click Save.

That's all there is to it. Now the system will remind me when it's time for me to get involved. You see I can categorize my To-Dos if I want to. That way I can work all of my phone calls at the same time, for example. By the way, a To-Do Plan is a series of To-Dos you can set up in advance. For example, after I close a deal I want to remember to stay in contact with my client so I set up this plan to remind me for the next two years. To add a To-Do Plan to a Client Record, I just select the plan from this drop down menu.

Now that I have To-Dos set up in the system, I can forget about them until I'm alerted. I can see all of my To-Dos on the To-Do Summary screen and I can view them by Category. There are also different filters if I want to narrow down my search. To work on a To-Do, I'll click on it to bring all the detail back up and when I'm done I'll mark it complete. The system will alert you that it's time to work on a To-Do here from the Home screen as well as in your daily Agenda Assistant email.

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