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Email : Include the "Other Contact" in Your Email Blasts
Make sure Email Blasts are sent to both contact emails

Video Transcript

You are going to send an Email Blast to a group of contacts and you want to include the Other Contact in your blast. So here's a Contact Record, we have Timothy and Karen. Timothy is the main contact, Karen is the other contact. You see both of them have email addresses and both of them are opted in.

When we send emails to our Contacts, of course they have to be opted in, and that includes the other contact as well. So let's jump over to the ClientTouch screen. Here I've got 326 people I want to send my newsletter to. So I'm gonna hit Email Blast and I'm gonna select the newsletter template I want to send out. And down here you're gonna see a check box, also send this email to the other contact. So I'll check the box and now when I send this email out to my 326 contacts it will also include the other contact along with the 326.

One thing to note, if you use this check box it's going to stay checked for next time. So next time you come into the Email Blast to blast another email, that will be checked. If you want to make sure it doesn't go to the other contact remember to uncheck that box.

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