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Marketing : Landing Pages - Adding Social Sharing Buttons
Automatically add links for contacts to share your Landing Pages easily.

Video Transcript

You have spent time, money, and energy to get your great looking Landing Pages in front of a prospective customer. When the person sees your page, the best thing that can happen is that they fill out your form. This will automatically add them to your database and start them down the path and into your marketing funnels.

The second best thing that can happen is that they would share your page. To help this process along, you will want to add social sharing buttons to your landing pages. Here's how you do that. Go to the Advanced tab in your Landing Page Designer, and click the first box here, Add Social Sharing Buttons. The sharing buttons will appear immediately the next time anyone view your page. As a bonus, there is some intelligent logic built into these buttons. Each visitor to your page will see a different set of buttons depending on which social sites they frequent the most. The visitor can also click on the plus button to share your page to a site not shown in the first few buttons.

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