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Marketing : Landing Pages - Adding Extra Fields
Add Check boxes and drop down lists to your forms

Video Transcript

Here is a great looking Landing Page. It's got a great little form here, with first name, last name. Then it asks some questions. What are you most interested in, with some checkboxes. It's got a dropdown box here, so I can say this will be my rental, and what's the best time to contact me. This is just a text-box here. Then I can click here to count me in and get signed up. Let's go back behind the scenes and see how we made this form.

I'm going to go over to the Form tab. Here you're going to see Contact Fields, Custom Contact Fields, and Extra Fields. The Contact Fields are named Email, Company, Phone, Birthdate. Custom Fields, these are the 20 Custom Fields that you have setup under Settings, that you may have setup or may not have setup under Settings. Then Extra Fields, you can do whatever you want with. Let’s look at what the Extra Fields are. It can be a Text Field, a Checkbox, Dropdown list, Header or Spacer. Once you've selected the field types, they're going to look like this. We can also move them around.

Let's look at the Preview again. You see we've got the Checkboxes, then the Dropdown, then the Text Field. Let's change that around. Now I'm going to go here and say the Text Field should be first. The Dropdown List should be last, and just move those around here. Put a Spacer in between. Come over to the Preview, and there we have it. The Text box is first. The Checkboxes are in the middle. The Dropdown is at the bottom. You can move these around, change the order, and make it look however you'd like. All of this information is going to be put into a Note, because there's not a corresponding Database field because we just made these up. This will be in the note of the Contact when they fill out this form.

A really great feature in these check boxes. When somebody checks one of these, you can have the system set a flag automatically. Let's go back and look at one. South Shore. When somebody checks the South Shore Checkbox, we assigned the Interested in South Shore Flag. Your ability to add Checkboxes, and then have the system set a Flag based on the box that's checked, is going to add a lot of flexibility to your forms.

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