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Marketing : Working with your email Newsletter
How to download and edit your monthly email newsletter

Video Transcript

The Email Newsletter can be accessed here in Settings, under Email Settings. The first thing you'll do each month, somewhere around the 25th of the month, the newsletter will magically appear in your Newsletters And Samples. So, you're not gonna see it here in your regular template working area. You'll click on Newsletters And Samples, you'll pick the newsletter you want to download and in about a second the newsletter will be copied from your Newsletters And Samples area, right here into your template area. Let's take a look at it.

One thing you'll notice here is that the information from your Mail Merge Profile magically came in here and populated your newsletter for you. Something to keep in mind, when I copied the newsletter from the Samples And Newsletter area, right down to my template area, at that very moment is when it took the Mail Merge Profile information and put it in here. So, let's say I want to change this, I say, "Oh, I forgot the apostrophe here," and I want to go change that and I go over to my Mail Merge Profile, and I change that here, save it, and if I go look back at that template, you're going to notice, it has not changed, because, remember, it copied from the Mail Merge Profile the moment that I downloaded it.

So, what I'd have to do in this case, I would delete this one, and I would re-download it. And let's look at here, and there you go. This newsletter is all ready to go, but if you wanted to edit it, one of the easiest ways to do that is to click on this little guy right here, it'll bring up a full screen of the newsletter and it makes it easier to go in here and make changes. Then when you're all done, you'll click back here and then save it.

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