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Deals : The Powerful Deal List
Deal Reports

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In the Deals area you're going to find this tab called Deals List. Now don't be fooled. This is not just a list; it is much more. Let's go through it here. First of all, here's a list of all of your Deals. You can sort this by Deal Type, by Deal Status, and by Deal Owner. For example, if we just want to look at our Software Sales, we can see the filter here, and then the Software Sales that were won. That list is even shorter. Then the Software Sales that were won by Tim. There we have it right there. We can also filter by date. If I want to say show me all the Deals from last month, I'm going to go September 1st through September 30th and apply those dates. It's going to show me just the Deals that were actually closed last month. I can also do this for last quarter, last year, or any date period.

All of these columns can be sorted. I can click here, click once, and it will sort Z to A. Click again, it will sort A to Z. I can do that for all of my columns here, including the dates. The probabilities we'll sort 0 to 100 and 100 back to 0. This is most important here when I can see the amount of my Deals, and of course my commissions.

Any time on the screen I can go click on the name of the Deal and it will bring up the Deal Details here for me. I can export this data to a CSV format that you can put into Excel and then manipulate the data here. The great thing about this export button is it will look and only take what's in this view. Right here I'm looking at all Deal Types, all status. I'm looking at all my Deals here. When I export here, it's going to create a file with all of my Deals. If I filter this list and say just show me my Software Sales, and then I export these Deals, it's only going to export whatever I have filtered here. You can see that the Deals List is much more than just a list. It is a fantastic tool.

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