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Managing Your Contacts : Working With Your Contact Groups
What you can do with a group of contacts in ClientTouch.

Video Transcript

Here in the Contact Card, we are working with a single contact. From this screen, we can do a lot of things just for Lori and Wally Reed. We can print an envelope, we can print a letter, send an email, we can add a note, we can start an Autoresponder, and do a lot more. We are working just with this specific contact. When we want to do the same things but do it for a group of contacts, that's when we're going over here to ClientTouch. In ClientTouch, you pick the group of contacts you want to work with. Then, you could send them an email, or print mailing labels, or print envelopes, or start them all on an Autoresponder Campaign, or put a note that will appear on each one of their Contact Cards. Let's try some examples.

Let's say you want to print mailing labels for everyone in your database. That is really easy. I'm going to add everyone by clicking here. There's a 117 people in my database and now all of them are here in my Workgroup. I'm going to click Mailing Labels and in about two seconds, here they are. Now, let's say we want to send a letter just to our past clients. What I'll do here is I'll clear the work group and I'll go add contacts. In the add contacts tab I can add contacts by Category, by Category 2, by Flag, by Source. I'm looking for my Past Clients so I'm just going to click here and I have 23 Past Clients. My Workgroup was created. I go to the Actions tab, I click on Letters. Now, I'm going to select the letter I want to send out and it's the basic letterhead with logo and signature and here we go.

All 23 of my Past Customers, the letters already written here, it's in mail merge and it's ready to go. All I have to do is hit Print. The Add Contacts and Remove Contacts tabs allow us to get very detailed here. I'm going to create a Workgroup. I'm going to say put all my Past Clients in the Workgroup. Also, put everybody in the B Referral Category in that group and I also want to add Blue Widget people into that group and Renters into that group. Now I've got 66 people in my group. I can go over here to Actions and blast out an email or I can start them on an Autoresponder Campaign. It's that easy.

One thing to note when building your Workgroup, let's say I add my Past Clients and then I add my Referral Group B, and I add my Buyers. The system is smart enough to know if the same contact has the Category Past Client and has the Flag Buyer, it's not going to duplicate that when it builds your contact group. Another thing to note is that Workgroups are temporary so right now I'm working with these 48 people but next time I might be working with a completely different group.

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