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How Do I... Enter a Second Mailing Address
What to do with a second mailing address for a contact

Video Transcript

Let's say you have two addresses for a particular Contact. Where do you put the second address? If I go in here and click Edit, I see there's only one address in here. Why is there only one address? Let me explain. When you go in and do mail merges in your letters, and you go in and do envelopes, it's asking you for an address. If we had two or three or multiple addresses, it would just add complexity, and most people don't need multiple addresses, but you probably do, and that's why you're watching this video. So let me show you a trick and an easy way to get your second address in here. I'm going to add a note and put the address here, so let's do that. Then I'm going to save it. Then I'm going to pin it, and if you don't know what pinning is, you should watch the video on pinning, but all we're going to do is click this pushpin, and it's going to pin the address right here.

So in the future when I bring up this contact, I'll see the regular address here, and I'll see the second address or business address right here. That's how you will handle double addresses or triple. You could put another address here, and by pinning it, it'll stay up here all the time even if you have a hundred notes or a whole bunch of things going on here in your lower view, this address will always stay right there. One more thing to point out, you can't mail to this address that's pinned here. You can only mail to this address. So let's say you were always mailing to his business. You would put this address up here, and you would put his home address down here in the note, and you would pin the note, so remember, this is the address here is the only address you're going to be able to mail to.

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