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How Do I... Insert an Image into an Email or Letter Template
Make your emails stand out - Add an image

Video Transcript

Adding images to your Emails, Letters, and Landing Pages is a snap. I want to insert a picture here, below this text. So I put my cursor here, and then click on the Insert Image icon. These are all the images I have already uploaded. Whether I uploaded them for a Letter, an Email, or a Landing Page, they all go in the same Image Library.

So I want to put Mickey Mouse in my document. I just click on it, and there we go. If I wanted to resize it, I can do it like this. That's all there is to inserting an image, but there are some cool things you can do with this Image Library. If you have lots of images, you may want to create folders for them, to keep them all straight.

Here is where I can upload an image from my computer. There is also a handy image management tool you can use to do various things to an image. When I click on an image, this Manage button appears, and here are all the things I can do with this image. If you click Edit, you can see here that we can crop the image, add filters, and more.

Once I'm done editing, I hit Apply, Save, I name it, and there we go. Now the new edited image is there in my Image Library.

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