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Email : Contacts Already Opted-in
What if you bring contacts over from another system and they have already given you permission to se

Video Transcript

Okay, let's say you're bringing contacts over from another Permission Based System like Constant Contact or MailChimp, and they've already opted into the other system. You don't want to have to send them another opt-in invite. You want to be able to just opt them in here in this system.

What you're gonna do is go to ClientTouch. I’ll assume that you just imported all of your contacts, let's say, from Constant Contact, and they are all opted in. I'm gonna go to ClientTouch and I'm gonna say Add Everyone. Now, if you just imported part of them, you wouldn't add everyone, you would just put the part that are opted in into this Workgroup. But we're gonna say Add Everyone, then we're gonna click on Opt in Wizard and agree to the terms. And then click this top option here that says, "You absolutely have permission to send emails to these contacts." And you absolutely do because they've already opted into your other system. Click Select. Click here, Add to Opt-in List and everybody will then have permission in this system. You won't have to invite them again.

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