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How Do I... Get my Mailing Labels to Line up Perfectly
Perfect Mailing Label Printing

Video Transcript

Okay, so you want to print mailing labels and they're not lining up for you. That's a problem because we have them perfectly lined up.

So, let's look over here. Got to get Avery 8160 or 5160 labels and they will line up perfectly. So, one other thing you have to do is go over here. When you click Print, I'm going to show you this little box here, there's a setting called Page Scaling, and there's a bunch of choices here. You have to make sure this setting, Page Scaling, is set to none and then it will print perfectly.

If you have Page Scaling set to something else, it's going to print all over the labels, not going to line up right and it's not going to look right.

So, number one, get Avery 8160 or 5160 labels. The difference between those two is inkjet, non-inkjet, laser jet, clear, white. But they're all the same size, so any of those will work. And then, make sure you have your Page Scaling set to none and you should be good to go.

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