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Email : Email Headers and Footers
Use an email footer to automatically populate youir email signature.

Video Transcript

In this tutorial, we will be creating email Headers And Footers. Headers and Footers are a great way to keep your emails looking consistent.

Let's say you always want your signature and company logo at the bottom of all of your emails. Let's go create a custom footer just for you. We'll go to Settings, and then Email Templates. Then click on the Footer tab. Here in the editor, we'll create the footer. I will add some text, my signature and my logo. When I have it looking just the way I want it, I'll save this footer.

Now let's go create a new email template. After I write the content, I want the Footer that I already created to show up at the bottom of my email. To make this happen, all I have to do is place my cursor where I want the Footer to start. Then click Merge Fields, Special Fields and Footer Template. The system will put special code here in your template. Now every time you send out this email, the system seems that you want to insert the Footer at the bottom, so it will look at what you have in your Footer tab and place that content right here in your email automatically.

This is what your email will look like when your recipient opens it up. The Header works exactly the same way.

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