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Managing Your Contacts : Contact Management
A detailed tour of the contact record screens.

Video Transcript

Let's take a tour of the Contact Card. The best way to find a Contact is to use the Sticky Rolodex. If I want to find Lori and Wally Reed, I will click here on the R tab and find the right Contact in here. This is the Contact Card. This is where you will find all of the information about each Contact. Not only basic information like name and address and phone, but also a lot more. Now this screen might look a little overwhelming, but I've put just about everything that you would want to have on a Contact Card right here. It'll give you an idea of what's possible. Of course, your Contact Record or Contact Card may look different. By the way, we use those terms interchangeably, the Contact Record and the Contact Card. When you hear the terms, we're talking about the same thing.

Here we go. Under Actions, here are the different things you can do for this Contact. You can add this person to ClientTouch. You can run an Action Set, print an envelope, gift label or a letter, or you can send an email to this person.

Here are Recent Contacts. These are people that you have recently accessed in the database. This function allows you to quickly jump from one contact record to another in a single click. Here we can Add a Contact, so directly from this Contact Record, we can click here and add a new contact to the database. These arrows allow you to scroll through the Contacts. If you were looking through your database, you could arrow forward and backward. Here you can print this Contact Record.

Over here you'll find basic demographics like name, spouse, or other contact, company, address. If we click here on the map, this will bring up Google Maps and show you where this person lives. Here's home phone, cell phones, emails. Here we see the Category is customer and the Source is cold call.

What we have next are Custom Fields that you can use to customize your Contact Card. You set up those Custom Fields right here under Settings. You'll have 20 Custom Fields that you can set up and then also search and filter Contacts using these fields. Here we have her birthday and how many people she's referred to us. If you use the team function, this will show you who this Contact is assigned to.

In the middle here, we have Flags. Flags are different ways to categorize your Contacts. Here we can see she's on a Birthday List, the Buyers List, Church Group, Country Club, and VIP. By clicking here, you can add or remove Flags for this Contact, like this.

Now if we wanted to edit anything in this upper section, you just clicked Edit. Here's the screen where you can change the address or change the phone number or make any edits to the Contact Card. Once we've made our changes, we're just going to click Save and it'll take us right back here.

Down here in this section, you have several tabs with additional information about this contact. Here's where you can see the Notes for this contact. You can Add a New Note right here. Your To-Do's for this Contact go here. I can add a To-Do by clicking here. If you use Gmail, you can view your Email History for the contact right here. You set up the system to track your Email History for your Contacts under Setting and then Google Integration.

Here you can see the Appointments for this Contact and make new appointments. Attachments can be Word documents, PDFs, photos, or other documents that you want to attach to this person. Then you can view or download those files from home or from work.

Autoresponders, if you had Lori and Wally on an Autoresponder, you would see it here. They don't have any Active Autoresponders but we see that they've been on Autoresponders in the past. Then you can put them on an Autoresponder Campaign just by clicking here and selecting the campaign you want to start for them.

Special Events are things like wedding anniversaries, house anniversaries, kid's birthdays, pet's birthdays, and other noteworthy dates.

Related Contacts would be people in your database that are related to Lori and Wally. For example, Beatrice Green in Lori's mother. Here is where we can set up this relationship.

The Deals tab will show you all of the Deals that Lori and Wally are involved in. You can also Add a Deal right from here.

The last tab here is the Referral tab. Here we can see that Lori was referred to us by Sandra Black. Then we have a list here of everyone that Lori has referred to us.

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