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Marketing : Audio Messages for Voicetouch and Landing Pages
Add audio to your Website and Landing Pages.

Video Transcript

There's an easy way for you to record audio messages built right into the system. These audio messages can be used in VoiceTouch, your phone marketing system, or on your Landing Pages. You could also use your recordings for other purposes, like on your website, or you might even want to send an email with audio in it. We've made the recording process fast and easy. Here's how it works.

You can either upload your own audio file, or record a new one using our system. I click record by phone and name my new message. Now I just call this number and record my message. Once the recording is saved, I'll hit Next, and my new audio message appears in the list. From here, I can listen, download an MP3, or grab the html to put on another site. When you're working with your VoiceTouch marketing system, or you're building your Landing Pages, this is the library of messages the system will reference.

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