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Team : Re-Assign Contacts
The Team Leader can re-assign contacts from one Team Member to another. Here's how.

Video Transcript

Let's reassign some Contacts. So let's say I am Jeff Smith and I am the Account Owner and I want to take some of my Contacts and give them to Kim Edwards, who has her own database. Let's say I want to give her all of my Contacts whose last names start with A. I'll go to Advanced Search and fill this in. Now I'll add these to ClientTouch, click Group Edit, assign these to Kim, and click OK. That's it. Now I have assigned all of my Contacts with the last name starting with A and sent them from my database to Kim's database.

Now, if I want to do it individually, I can go click on somebody, let's say, Dorothy, and I want to transfer Dorothy into Kim's database, I going to click Edit, assign to Kim, and click Save. That's all there is to it.

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