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Team : Delete a Team Member
This will show you how to delete a Team Member.

Video Transcript

Deleting a team member is pretty easy. First of all you have to be the Account Owner or you have to be an Administrator on the system to do this, but I'm the Account Owner here so I'm gonna go to Settings, Account Settings, Team Settings. Now, who do I want to delete?

If I wanted to delete John Jones, I'm just gonna click on John and I can verify this is the right guy and I'm gonna click Delete. And what this is gonna do is tell me what's gonna happen to his database. So this is telling me that this will move John Jones' Contacts, To-Do's and Deals to the Account Owner's database. John's To-Do's and Deals will be reassigned to the Account Owner and John's Calendar Events will be permanently deleted. That's what will happen when I delete this person. I'm just gonna say OK. So the items in their database reverted back to the Owner.

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