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Team : Add a Team Member
Learn how to add a Team Members.

Video Transcript

In this video I'm going to walk you through Adding a Team Member. The first thing we're gonna do is, we're gonna go to Settings, Account Settings, Team Settings. And I have to be logged in as the Team Leader or the Administrator in order to do this. I'm gonna go up here and say, Add Team Member. Here I'm gonna fill out some basic information, name, initial, email, and color that will represent this team member. Next we're gonna set the permissions for this team member and there's two options here, Sharing Templates, that would be Email Templates and Letter Templates with the rest of the team, and can Group Edit and Group Delete.

Let's look at sharing the Email Templates first. Here we're in the Settings for the Account Owner, and if I go to Email Settings you're going to see check boxes here that allows me to Share. So, as the Account Owner or as anybody who has that option, you can allow that person to have this column and to be able to share their templates. Then they can share individually or share them all.

Having the ability to Group Edit and Group Delete, what that means is, we're in ClientTouch here and if you give the team member the ability to Group Delete, they could, essentially, add the Contacts in your database and click here and delete them all. So, you gotta be real careful when you give this permission out. And the other thing they could do is go into Group Edit, here they would be able to change the Source Category, Category 2 and Flags for that group of clients, they would not see this team database, that's just for the Account Owner and the Admin.

So, back to this screen, we're gonna click Next and here's where you're gonna choose the type of team member that this person will become. There's actually four choices. There is the Administrator, the Team Player, the Independent User, and the Power User. Let's go through each one of those. The Administrator is just like the Team Leader, they share the Contacts, they have access to most all of the Settings, that's perfect for a close partnership or a husband and wife team. A Team Player will share the Contacts and deals with the Team Leader, but the Team Player doesn't have access to all the Settings and can't make all of the changes, like an Administrator can. An Independent User will have their own Contacts and their own Deals, but they will also have limited access to the Settings. And finally, a Power User will have their own Contacts and Deals, but has more access to Settings, the Power User has their own Automatic Settings here, so they can have their own Autoresponders and their own Landing Pages.

I'm gonna select Independent User, choose a password, and that's all there is to it. I just added this Team Member, Jane Doe, and she's all set and ready to go. Now you would give her the email address and the password and she could log in and start working.

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