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Deals : Deals Tracking (Training)
Advanced training on how to set up and use Deals.

Video Transcript

Here's training on Deals. A Deal is a sale or a prospective sale or a transaction or any kind of big event that you want to keep track of. You can look at your Deals in List format, like this, or you can look at your Deals in the Stages format, where you can see each stage, each step along the way, and you can move your Deals along by clicking here.

Let's go back to the list. I can have several different types of Deals so here I have Loans, and I have Real Estate Buyer, Real Estate Listing, and I also have Software Sales. If I am running several different businesses out of the system, I can have several different Deal Types. If I look at a Loan, here are all my Loans. If I want to look at all of my Software Sales, here they are. If I want to look at any of the details, I just click here and this is a Deal Summary that I set up for Software Sales. You notice that I have Loans, too, so this screen is going to look completely different when I'm doing Software than when I'm doing Loans.

This top part here is not customizable and this bottom part here is fully customizable. All of these fields, this description field, these date fields, all of these drop down menus, I can customize these any way I'd like with not only the what's in the drop down but the titles. I can put note fields, I can put check boxes, and make the screen look any way I'd like.

Also, if I go down a little bit, you'll see that I can add notes to this deal, I can add appointments to this deal, and I can relate contacts to this deal. So, contacts in my database, I can simply click here to add a Related Contact. He is the buyer assistant and there he is.

Then if I were to go to Jim Jordan's account, for example, to view the Contact, I see a Deals tab here and if I clicked on this, I would see the Deal he's associated with, there's only one of them, and if I clicked on it, it'll take me right back to the Deal.

I get to the Deals by clicking this button up here, appropriately named. To edit the Deals Settings, I go click here or I can also get it here by going to Settings and then Deal Types. Let's go here and I'll show you how to set up a Deal Type. Right now, I have four. Let's just go look at one that I already have set up, Software Sales. Here you're going to see three columns. One, two, and three. Those columns relate to the columns that we looked at here when we look at the Deal Type. Column one, column two, and column three. So, keep that in mind.

We're going to go back to Settings. Each one of these blocks is a different thing. This is a text box and it's going to be called Description. This one's a date box. It's called Installation Target. Go Live Date, International, so on and so forth.

Here are all of my choices. Here are the things that I can pick from and move them over to the actual screen here. For example, let's add another drop down list. We're going to add it right here. I'm going to say Drop Down List and I'm going to call that drop down New List of Things. Now, what do we want to put in the drop down? I want to put several things. I want to put String, Bottles, I want to put Monitors, Paper, and Pens. You see that I've been looking around my desk to see what I can see to come up with a new list of things. I'm going to save that and now you'll see it's a drop down, New List of Things.

If we go back to the Deals ... By the way, this saves it immediately. If we go back to the Deals and pull up a Deal, I see New List of Things. If I drop this down, I got String, Bottles, Monitors, Paper, and Pens. All right? Do you see how that works?

Let me go back to Settings, back to Deal Types. Now, if I wanted to move that up, and that's one of the most important things, I'm just going to hit my arrow, I'm going to move that to the top. Again, I don't have to save it. It's automatically saved. If I go to Deals and look at the Deal, there it is. My New List of Things is at the top now.

This will apply to any of my Software Sales. If I look at all of my Deals and I see Apple Corporation and I pull that up, I can also see that's going to be here as well because it's relating to Software Sales.

Let's go back to Settings and Deal Types. That gives you an idea of how to use this. Here's your columns to work with. Here's how you position them. If you wanted to change the name of this Go Live Date to something else, I'm just going to click Edit and I'm going to say Go Live on this Date, save it, and it's going to change the label right there.

These numbers indicate you have more fields to work with. In this particular case, I have more number fields, more currency fields, I have date fields, check boxes. At the point that I don't have any left, like let's use one more drop down list and we'll call this Test. That's a dumb name but we'll just do that. You see, there's no more drop down available for me to pick from, so I've used all of the drop downs for this. If I don't need Test anymore and I delete it, you'll see it'll become available again. Okay? Pretty self-explanatory. Have fun with this. You can move them around and make it look exactly like you want to.

A tip that I use, I have two monitors, but if you maybe just open up two different browser windows, I have this in one browser window, the edits and the settings, and I have what it's going to look like in the other browser window, so I can quickly and easily make a change, see what it looks like, make another change, see what it looks like, and go back and forth until I have it exactly like I like it.

Let's look at some more ways to customize this. Right here, Deal Stage. Remember we looked across the whiteboard and you saw the titles at the top. This is where you set those. I can move them up or down. Let's go back here and look. Stages. Expressed Interest, Demo, Proposal, Negotiate Price, and Signed Agreement. You see those are across the top here. Those correspond with these deal settings here, Expressed Interest, Demo, Proposal, Negotiate Price, Signed Agreement. If I wanted to say there's one more step, I could say, Send Thank You Card, if I could spell, and that's going to be the last step there. If we go look at the Deals, it is instantly there. We'll move this over. Send Thank You Card. You can customize these any way you'd like. If you have multiple different types of Deals, you'll have different titles here based on the Deal Type, so you're not locked into these titles. Because if you look here at Loans, I've got Application, In Underwriting, Loan Approved, In Docs, Signed, Funded and Recorded, as my column headers there.

Let's go back to Deal Settings. That's how we customize the Deal Stages. The last thing you can customize is right here, where you can have Notes, Appointments, Attachments, and Related Contacts, all on the screen. Let's go back and show you what I'm talking about here. For Software Sales, okay, you see I have Notes here, Appointments, Attachments, and Related Contacts. I can click on these and collapse them if I'd like or I can not collapse them. If you're not going to use Attachments, for example, don't show it here and just uncheck the box back in Settings. Then it just doesn't clutter up your screen.

There you go. That is Deals. That's how you set them up. That's how you use them. Have fun with them and make them your own.

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