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How Do I... Save my Advanced Searches to the Home Page
Save your searches for quick access

Video Transcript

Saved Searches are a quick and easy way to list your Contacts in one click. Here's a couple Saved Searches I've done. Let's see how I did it. First, I go to Advanced Search, I select Opt-In Status and opt-in. I'm going to Search there and then I'm going to save this search and I'm going to name it. Then I'll click the box that says Show This Search On The Home Page and Save it. If we go back to the Home Page there's my Saved Search Opted-In Contacts.

Let's do another one. Let's look for everyone who is over the age of 40. I'm going to select age is at least 41. Here's all my contacts that are 41 or older. I'm going to save this search and I'll click on Show This Search on The Home Page, and that's it. Now when I'm here on the Home Page and I want to say show me everybody who's older than 40 I could go into Contacts and do it the hard way or I can one click here, there they are, or show me all my opted-in contacts and one click there they are. You can have as many Saved Searches here as you would like. You can also make a Saved Search by selecting it from your Saved Search list and clicking on this box here to indicate you want to show it on the Home Page.

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