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How Do I... Import my Contacts (Advanced)
Importing notes with your contacts

Video Transcript

This is the advanced import video. Make sure you watch the basic import video first, and this video will help you if you have some out of the ordinary things going on like importing notes and/or importing Categories, Sources, and Flags. The first things we're going to cover here is importing data with notes that are attached. You might be coming from another system or you might be transferring data from this system. In any case, your data has notes attached to it and I'm going to show you how to import them in with the notes.

Let's look at your typical import. I have a file here with first name, last name, home address, city, state, zip, etc., and I have a unique ID here. If you're importing notes, you want to make sure that your data file has a Unique ID. This ID came from my old system but if this data did not have a Unique ID, you can just create your own ID and call this record number one, number two, number three, number four, and so on.

The first things we're going to do is import this file and then we'll import that notes that match up with the unique ID. I'm not going to cover how to import data. We did that in the basic video. Let's assume that your first file, your regular contacts have been imported, and now let's take a look at your notes file.

Here's what the notes file looks like. It has an ID that matches the data that I just imported, and then it has last name, first name, date and the note itself. Now, the date field may have a time in it. That's not really important as long as it has a date in it, and first name and last name is not really important either because we're going to match it up with the ID, not the name. This is what the notes data file should look like.

Now, we've already imported our contacts with the unique ID and now we're going to import the notes. Click here on import notes. Let's upload our file and click next. Here's our field mapping wizard where we're going to map the System ID. We know that this field is the System ID. We're going to skip the last name and first name and we're going to map the date. We're going to map the note, and that's all there is to it. Then we're going to hit import and we're done.

Now let's look at bringing over Categories, Sources, and Flags from your old system. Make sure you have this box checked to enable the import, and keep in mind that when you check this box and you map fields to Category, Source and Flags, if those items are not already in your Library, this import will create them. Be careful when you're mapping fields.

Let's click next. Now, I'm just going to skip right down to the Category, Sources and Flags. Here we have type. In your old system it was called Type and here it's called Category. You will notice that there are new fields here. I'm going to click Category and Source is Source, and they call them Tags in your old system and we call the Flags here. We're going to say they're comma separated Flags and click here.

Now when I do this import, it's going to bring in the Categories, Sources, and Flags, as well as the rest of the data. If those items don't exist in your Library where it says Church, School, VIP, Golf, Realtor, those will be created in your Library automatically by this import. Make sure after you do one of these Advanced Imports, that you check over your data, check over your Libraries, and make sure everything happened correctly.

One thing to note, if you messed up the import and the system created a bunch of bogus libraries for you, you're going to need to go in and delete those libraries even if you do a Delete Import Batches while it will delete the contacts, it won't go fix your Libraries so don't forget to fix your Libraries before you do another import.

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