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How Do I... Customize my Contact List
Change the columns you see in your contact list

Video Transcript

You will probably spend a lot of time on the Contact List screen. You get here by clicking Contacts. Here is a list of your Contacts. You can segment and filter them using these options. The contacts will appear in this list, with other information in these columns, including Category, Email, City, Phone, and the date you added the Contact. This is good, useful information, but what if some of this information is not important to you, and you would rather see different detail about the contacts?

Let's say you don't really care about the city, and you would rather see Source in this information. We can either customize this view, or create an altogether new view. Let's just customize this view. We click on My Contact List, and then select Customize. Here is where you can change the views. So we wanted to remove City and add Source. To remove City, we just delete it here. Now if we go back and look at the Contact List, city is gone. Back on the Edit view screen, here is a list of all of the things we can have on our Contact List screen. In our example, we wanted to add Source, so we will select Source from the List, and it will be added as the last column on your Contact List screen.

I want the Source column to appear right next to Category, so I will drag it up here, like this. Now I save this view and set it as my current view. If you have a few views you like to work with, you can switch views, like this. To add a new view, click on Customize, Add a View, name it, and then you can add, remove, and rearrange columns any way you would like.

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