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How Do I... Customize the System
Make the database think like you do

Video Transcript

Customizing the system is fast and easy. Let's go to Settings. We can either go to Settings here or we can get to Settings from up here. Either way, it's going to take us to the same place. Settings is the place where we are going to do all of our customization. Let's start here at the top.

Account Settings. Here I can change the theme or color of the interface, and if I have a team, I can add team members here. Make sure you watch the Team tutorial to see what Team is all about.

The Agenda Assistant will send you an email each day to remind you of things you need to do for that day. You set that up here. Your Mail Merge Profile is the information that's going to get merged into your Letters, Emails, and Newsletters. You want to make sure all of this information is complete and correct with your particular information.

Your Email and Letter Templates are built and customized here. You can select one of the existing templates to use and customize, or you can build your own new template from scratch. In the general area, you can customize your Categories, Custom Fields, Flags, Sources, and more.

Categories and Flags are used to help you segment your database and assign contacts to different groups. You can add as many Categories and Flags as you would like. The system is going to keep track of all the basic information that you're going to want to know about your clients.

But let's say you want to know about their pet's name or you want to know what their favorite movie type is because you give out movie tickets, here's where you set up your Custom Fields. Once these fields are set up, you will go pull a client record and these fields are going to appear right here on the Contact Card.

Under Automatic Settings, you will set up your Autoresponder Campaigns, build your Landing Pages, and more. Each one of these Settings has a training video associated with it, so be sure to watch all of these to get more details.

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