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All-in-One Contact Screen

See all of your client’s info on a single screen. Contact info, notes, to-do’s, appointments, and more. No more searching from screen to screen, looking for that one piece of information you need.

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Easy Contact Filtering

OK, so you have 500 contacts in your what? Imagine if you could filter that list by "Hot Prospect", or "Past Client" or "Golf Buddies" or "San Jose Residents", etc... you get the idea. In AllClients you can categorize and flag your clients anyway you want to, create your own custom fields and then easily sort and segment your list in seconds.

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Easy Workgroup Tasks (ClientTouch)

Great! With the Easy Contact Filtering feature you were able to easily filter your database and you have a group of names in front of you what? With AllClient’s invention: ClientTouch, in one or 2 clicks you can send that group a letter or email, print the list, create mailing labels, edit something in their contact records, assign a to-do, and more.

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To-Dos and Reminders

AllClients To-Dos and reminders make it easy to follow up with your customers and clients. When you need to call them in 6 months to remind them to do business with you, AllClients will remind you on the right day and keep reminding you until you get it done. It is heart breaking when you realize you lost a big deal just because you forgot to follow up.

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10 Second Mail Merge

Ever try to mail-merge your contact info into a letter in Excel or Word? AllClients makes this process a snap. Your letters and emails look professional, custom, and you can do it yourself in seconds.

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Keep track of your appointments in our easy-to-use integrated calendar. See daily, weekly and monthly views, drag and drop appointments, and even see and view your contacts from within the calendar.

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Video Email

Text-only emails are so "Yesterday"! Stand out from the crowd by sending Video Emails. Video Emails are considerably more effective than traditional emails. Your video messages are more interesting, more personal and more people will watch your video than will read your old-style emails.

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Monthly Newsletter

Send your clients a monthly newsletter that is customized with your contact information. This is a great way to stay "top of mind" with your clients. When they are ready to do business, they will be thinking of you!

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Sticky Rolodex

There is a lot to love about AllClients and you will find yourself effortlessly jumping from screen to screen.

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Agenda Assistant

With the Agenda Assistant, AllClients will send you an email each morning to tell you when you have appointments, to-do’s, client Birthdays and more.

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Birthday Assistant

Remembering your client's birthdays is a great way to show you really care about them - on a personal level. The Birthday Assistant will automatically send your client a birthday email or set up a To Do to remind you of this important event.

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Client Referral Tree

AllClients will show you who has referred whom in an easy-to-read and understand Referral Tree.

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To-Do Plans

Sometimes you have a series of to-do’s you want to schedule for a client. Like when they buy your widget, you want to call them and thank them on Day 1, have your fulfillment center send them a box of chocolates on Day 3, send them a “how-to” email on day 14, and then call them on Day 45.

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Lead Capturing Websites

Make your own Landing Page to capture contact info from your website visitors. Start with a beautiful template, then customize the wording, decide which data fields to capture, and then publish it on the web. You can do this yourself...really!

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AllClients will respond to your new leads quickly and automatically. They fill out a form and seconds later they get your email response, newsletter or FREE REPORT.

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Intelligent Links

Don't just put ordinary links in your emails - make your links intelligent! With Intelligent Links you can see who is clicking on what links. Then have AllClients automatically update their contact record, stop and start autoresponders, and notify you via text or email.

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Email Drip Campaigns

Set up automatic email campaigns that will go out at your pre-defined intervals. Create your own email templates and AllClients will mail merge your contact info in and send the emails out for you - even if you are sitting on a beach somewhere! Our permission-based email system will virtually guarantee that your emails are getting delivered.

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Social Media Integration

Social Connector will automatically search the web for your client's social media sites and then display the results right there next to your contact. Just add their email address, and Social Connector will do the rest.

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Easy Voice Recorder

So who wants to hear your voice, anyways? Your prospects and customers do! Use our easy Voice Recorder to put audio on your website, and to record your Free Recorded Messages. And the best part is you will not need any equipment, training or technical skills. You just pick up the phone and get ready to record.

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Cloud File Attachments

Do you ever wish you had a copy of that contract, application, or other document right there on your client’s contact page? You have it now! Store unlimited Word Docs, PDFs, Photos and more, right there on the All-in-One Contact Screen. Now those documents are with you at the office, at home and on the road.

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Deals Management

Organize your sales details with your own customized Deal Tracking screens. Use them for any type of business in any industry: Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Auto Repair, Network Marketing, Dental, Chiropractic, Political Campaigns, Home Services, and more. Now you can track, organize and manage your sales - just like you track, organize and manage your contacts!

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Text-to-Join is a great way to load up your database with hot prospects. People will join your email lists VIA their mobile device. We also make it easy for anyone to text-to-join. No confusing numbers or short codes to alienate your new customers. Just tell them this: ”Text your email address to (775) 555-1212"

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Two-way Texting

Send and receive your client’s texts right from their contact record. A great way to communicate important and timely information.

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The good ol’ telephone is still a reliable way to attract new clients. Advertise your product or service and invite your prospective customers to call a Free Recorded Message. The magic of a Free Recorded Message is that prospects feel comfortable and non-threatened calling a recorded message line where they might not call if they knew there was a chance they had to speak with a pesky sales person!

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Intelligent Live Support

At AllClients, you are going to reach someone who not only knows the product inside and out, but also has years of experience helping small businesses implement it. THAT is what we call "Intelligent Support". You will soon be spoiled and LOVE our Intelligent Support!

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