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Customer Testimonials

"I love the people that run AllClients. I love the system itself and it's had a huge impact on our bottom line."

Chuck Charlton
I tested 11 CRM systems and after two months of research, you win.

I have already recommended your software to another small business in town. Once one starts spreading the news to others, you've got them hooked.

The two major winning points for me were the Client Card (I like everything in one place) and Client Touch. No one comes close to the ease in which that works, that is genius. Oh yeah, speed, your system wins the speed test (most of the other CRM's were very slow to change screens).

Thanks again, I look forward to a long relationship and enjoying more AllClient benefits as time goes by.
Barry McAlister
"I recommend AllClients to anyone who wants to change the course of their business."

Jane Cox
I have been using the AllClients CRM for about 4 months and it is fantastic - just perfect for my needs. I am SO happy it was recommended to me. Each week I learn new ways for it to help me in my 1 and 1/2 person business.

It's simple, easy to use, powerful, very well priced, and the attitude of the people is superb!
David Braun
"Thank you! Thank You! Thank You for your skillset because it's helping me with my business."

Xavier Smith
We have been a member of AllClients since November of 2009. We could not be happier. We have built on the AllClients platform and run our entire sales operation from it. We highly recommend AllClients.
Craig Donaldson
"AllClients has made my job a lot easier... I highly recommend their service!"

Ryan Olsen
How do you spell relief?...ALLCLIENTS!

This program is very easy to use and navigate around. The training videos are exceptional and to the point. I had been completely frustrated with CRM price and difficulty to implement until I found AllClients. This software is AWESOME!
James D. Richard
"AllClients is just so much simpler to use... yet it has more features than the rest... The price and features are phenomenal."

Scott Clendaniel
AllClients is the best! EZ to navigate! Just point and click! Now I never forget a conversation, a client or any detail. I have looked at many systems for managing clients, but I have stayed with AllClients and I continue to be glad I have. There is no better value out there!
Greg Sanow
"I love that I can contact the office and get assistance with any questions I might have. I've definitely recommended AllClients to several other people."

Ingrid Klein
I have been looking a long time for an online data base that served my needs in more ways than one. AllClients is it! It is easy to get started and actually I am still learning each day of ways to make it more manageable for my business. AllClients is reasonable and worth every penny!

Thanks to them for helping me being more organized!
Lynne Connolly
PCL Music
"Switching to AllClients saved me a lot of money... The Birthday Assistant works great... AllClients is a great tool for my business."

Don Maycock
This is by far the best CRM program I have ever used and highly recommend you to everyone I talk to. Thanks for the great service.
Larry Allen
Wow! 15 minutes after I put up my Web Form with Autoresponders - a customer filled out my order form! What a surprise! And on my 14 Day Free Trial too! I'm thrilled.

Thanks for the help AllClients
Roger Kirkhart - Professional Video Services
AllClients has saved me so much time. I cannot say enough. I work at a school and send out approximately 1 to 2 emails a week to our parents (about 600 people). This is by far the easiest program to use and has saved me many many hours of work.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karen Perez
I love AllClients and have recommended it to others. I used to use another well-known real estate data base management system and found it to be expensive, complicated and overwhelming at times. You could get lost and spend more time looking at stuff that you never used.

Once I started using AllClients I have never looked back. AllClients is easy, effective and cost effective and I love it more and more each year... and if you need help, the tutorials are easy to follow and takes you step by step. I love the fact that we can customize our flags for easy sorting of our data base. Creating labels, batch notes, etc are a snap! Trust me. once you try it, you won't want to use anything else.
Lynn Hamilton
Keller Williams Realty
I just wanted to let you guys know, I love the email analytics! I am so glad you have added this to an already great program! Thanks!
Nia Casilla
Going with AllClients has proven to be one of the best business decisions I made when we opened our own real estate office and were looking to find a cost effective and simpler way to manage our expanding data base.

It tracks all of my mail-outs, phone calls, emails, referrals, past clients, prospects and much more in a logical and simple way that allows me to maintain my data base without having to hire an assistant. Please feel free to allow prospective clients to contact me with any questions.
Mike Glisson
AllClients has proven to be the perfect contact manager software for my business. The most useful features to me are the to-do list, the amount of detail/notes I can enter and the ease at which my account can be customized. Using AllClients has helped me expand my communication with my clients while also allowing me to be more efficient in doing so.

I've been singing your praises to a ton of folks.
Rebecca Madej
Mortgage Banker
Today I contacted the AllClients support department. I was printing address labels and had an issue. Within a half hour of sending the email inquiry, AllClients had sent a response, which quickly solved the issue that I was having. I was very impressed!
AllClients provides a very functional and practical CRM. The many features including the word processor function, email function and especially the monthly newsletter are all very user friendly. The monthly cost is a great value as well.
EA Brunson
Cornerstone Insurance Agency, GA
We found allclients out of desperation! We had recenty undergone a bad virus on our computer and lost our entire database. We were using a traditional system that backed up to the computer and didn't realize that it wasn't backed up remotely.

After that experience we searched high and low for a web based program that could be accessed from anywhere and would help keep our information secure! We found it with AllClients. We LOVE the newsletter and after sending it for just 3 months have already gotten 3 referrals! The system is continuously getting better and customer service is great:) We are hoping to utilize the system even more in the future and look forward to continued success with AllClients!
Mark Garner Real Estate Team, Columbus, OH
As an insurance agent, I use this software everyday to increase my lead conversion. I also appreciate the fact that AllClients is always working to improve the design of the software.
Chet Vahovius
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